Promising practices and lessons from the targeted learning exchanges have been documented to achieve the following:

  • Tell the story of the approach and why it is effective
  • Identify the distinguishing characteristics involved in the practice
  • Capture information that supports each critical element

The documents, infographics, videos, webinars and events profiled here provide an in-depth look at some of the promising approaches that have been identified from across the globe and inspire new approaches for youth reconnection among U.S. practitioners, policymakers, funders, youth leaders and employers.

New Orleans, Louisiana & Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Fact Sheet

This resource describes two organizations—Rede Cidadã in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the Youth Empowerment Project in New Orleans, USA—that were selected to participate in a learning exchange throug

Baltimore, Maryland & Tijuana, Mexico: Fact Sheet

This resource describes the three government agencies in Baltimore, MD, USA selected to participate in a learning exchange with the Mexican civil society organization, Fronteras Pro Salud, A.C.

Pro Salud: Fact Sheet

Since 1992, Fronteras Unidas Pro Salud A.C. has supported the health, wellbeing, and social development of vulnerable populations in Baja California, Mexico.

Red Juvenil: Fact Sheet

In response to the unprecedented violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a group of young leaders joined together to launch Red de Agrupaciones Juveniles.

Foster Focus: Fact Sheet

Recognizing that youth with experience in the foster care system are uniquely equipped to address their own needs, Luke Rodgers founded Foster Focus in 2014.

Mapping Opportunity Youth Needs in the U.S.

This report presents findings from research on opportunity youth in the United States conducted as part of the (Re)Connecting Youth: Exchanging Global Lessons initiative.